Alistair Carr
Brooding Iceberg 81.2cm x 30.4cm
Oil on canvas
Alistair Carr


Alistair's travel journals are studded with drawings of nomads and their way of life. He painted his way through the Loire Valley as a student, had a studio in Ulaanbaatar, subsequently declined a place at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts and, along the way, has taken guidance from eminent artists. His work is in private and public collections.

Ultima Thule

In antiquity, Greenland was known as Ultima Thule or 'borders of the known world'. This selection of current work are views from my time living in Upernavik.


Baffin Bay April Sunset
Oil on canvas 99.5cm x 99.5cm

Baffin Bay Ice Floes I
Oil on canvas 81.2cm x 30.4cm

Brooding Iceberg

Brooding Iceberg
Oil on canvas 81.2cm x 30.4cm


Baffin Bay Ice Floes II
Oil on canvas 99.5cm x 99.5cm


April View From My Baffin Bay Hut
Oil on canvas 76cm x 152.5cm

2019 A Quintessence of Dust

Summer sunset

Summer Sunset
Soft pastel on paper 40cm x 57cm

2017 Sea and Sky Horizons

Winter Light VI 41cm x 58cm

Winter Light VI 41cm x 58cm
Charcoal on paper