Alistair Carr

"This is a classic desert travel book, in the best English tradition of Doughty and Wilfred Thesiger."
John Ure, Times Literary Supplement

Alistair Carr


The Nomad's Path - Travels in the Sahel

The Manga is one of Africa’s most wild and remote regions. Situated in south-eastern Niger, in the shadow of the Old Salt Road, it has been forgotten by the modern world. The Nomad's Path is the story of a journey that Alistair Carr made across this region with former Tubu rebels at a time of Tuareg insurgency. Exploring the centuries old link between the Barbary Coast and the Sahel along the Old Salt Road, Carr tells the tale of a lost wilderness and those who survive within it. The Nomad's Path illuminates the intangible nature of the Sahel and delivers an evocative portrait of the nomadic Tubu - a people living on the tideline of the Sahara and the edge of the world.


‘This is a classic desert travel book, in the best English tradition of Doughty and Wilfred Thesiger.’
John Ure, Times Literary Supplement

‘His account combines the lyricism of a poet with the analytical insight of a journalist. The result rightfully takes its place in the long tradition of British desert exploration.’
Giles Foden, Condé Nast Traveller

‘A brave, unusual and ambitious journey, in the old style of travel that I (of course) welcome. I’ve never been to any part of the Sahel. But this made me want to go.’
Colin Thubron

‘A remarkable and tenacious adventure in the best tradition of British travel writing. Alistair Carr sheds light on a troubled and long-neglected part of the world that will occupy policymakers for years to come.’
Justin Marozzi

'This is a rich and evocative book that brilliantly captures the nature and circumstances of people so different to ourselves that we might as well inhabit a different planet.'  
Editor's Pick, Good Book Guide

'There is something of the crafty magician about Carr's prose, and that when it comes to exploration, he's a writer of the first order.'  
The Explorers Journal 

The Singing Bowl - Journeys through Inner Asia

Alistair Carr swapped his mobile phone and his laptop for a backpack and a polar fleece, and set off for a country few Westerners had then visited. From travelling with reindeer herders to searching for dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert, Carr's was an extraordinary journey. In clear, vivid language, he writes of his time in Mongolia with clarity, affection and insight. The Singing Bowl is a memorable and lovely account of a country that has been called, with truth, "a land of no strangers."


'Carr's first book is a gem; his next could be a masterpiece.'  

'Carr's prose can be wonderfully evocative.'  
Times Literary Supplement